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Colie hails from a village of 500 people on the coast of South Carolina that some people call "the town that time forgot." Supported by a tight-knit, Stars Hollow-esque (a la Gilmore Girls) community, Colie could not help but become the fire ball performer that she is today. Training at Rutgers MFA program has left her southern accent by the way side, but all it takes is one highball of bourbon to get her Southern speaking graces on. 

The buzz about Colie...

"Lastly, but not least is Catherine Wengarten's Educational, Career Relevant Summer Jobs Are Important for Young Women! directed by Daniella Caggiano. It's an over-the-top title and it's highlighted by an over-the-top performance by Colie McClellan as a wanna-be-help-line operator with a secret eating disorder. I am not usually a fan of over-the-top performances, but Ms. McClellan's is a stellar exception. She is so committed to her character, Mia's mania that her off-kilter rendition of "Mamma Mia" - sung to the woman who's firing her - becomes an anthem of comedic neediness. Long may Ms. Colie rave on!" - Jane Dentiger, NY Theatre Guide

“In such a small space, with only herself and the voices of survivors, and with so few elements of flash, McClellan manages to captivate, inform and subtly provoke the audience to consider. It’s a subject that could easily go astray, but McClellan’s got the right idea: take something painful, and express it truthfully and without conceit. The rest is up to the viewer.” - Mikala Jamison, Philly City Paper






Colie, like most southern women, is equal parts sass, kindness and charm. Her mama always knows best, her Granny's shrimp casserole is so good that Southern Living featured it, and Steel Magnolias is probably the greatest movie of all time. 

Michael Cinquino Photography